Scam Illegally References Leggett & Platt

Several individuals around the world have recently reported receiving checks which appear to be from Leggett & Platt. They reference Leggett & Platt in the top left-hand corner, and typically are drawn on J.P. Morgan or a Canadian bank. They are accompanied by a standard letter or e-mail, which instructs the recipient to deposit the check in his or her bank account to help in "expediting payment," or through a money transfer service to work as a mystery shopper or personal assistant. The checks may also be sent with a letter referencing a lottery or "prize" pool. However, the scam continues to evolve so other misrepresentations may be used.

This is a scam. Leggett & Platt has not issued any checks of this kind and cannot be responsible for any claims relating to this activity. If you have received a check and letters matching this description, please immediately contact Leggett & Platt through our toll-free hotline at 1-800-888-4258 or Email the Audit Committee.