Corporate Sustainability

Economic Sustainability

At Leggett & Platt, we value a strong, stable economic framework. That's what has kept us an industry leader for more than 130 years. We've built our company to be financially stable, with a strong balance sheet and leading positions in the many markets we serve. We are a leader in innovation and product development. We have long-term relationships with many of our customers. We serve many markets, including residential bedding and furniture, automotive, work furniture, and aerospace, among others. These strengths contribute to a secure future for Leggett & Platt.

Profitable, Responsible Growth

We focus on profitable growth to enhance our financial position and drive Total Shareholder Return (TSR)*. We work with our customers to provide more of what they need and to help their products stand out. We look for acquisitions that fit with our present businesses, and we have processes to identify additional opportunities for growth in both current markets and in new ones. We are seeking new markets where our core competencies can give us a sustainable competitive advantage.

Responsibility to Shareholders

Our shareholders are important to us. That's why we use TSR as our main metric to assess performance. We're proud of our 46 consecutive years of dividend growth and our place as one of Standard & Poor's “Dividend Aristocrats.” We want to be sure that the business decisions we make are good for the company and for our shareholders as well.

Creating Long-Term Opportunities

We take a long-term view of our markets and invest where opportunities are most attractive. We've been able to build a strong financial position because we're continually seeking improvements to our businesses and processes. This combination allows us to create opportunities for further growth and to find new industries that fit well with our current operations.

*TSR = (change in stock price + dividends paid) / beginning stock price.