Corporate Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Leggett & Platt has an established record of environmental and energy stewardship, and continues to aggressively pursue conservation opportunities throughout the company. We control the cost of finished goods using best practices to ensure that our customers receive the finest products at competitive prices with the least impact on the environment. Environmental Sustainability teams at many Leggett & Platt locations serve as a conscience for conservation to our employee-partners.


We constantly monitor our manufacturing processes to pursue conservation opportunities. Our efforts include water conservation, waste reduction, and compressed air optimization as well as boiler improvements, eco-friendly metal-cleaning processes, and waste water and air emission minimization. We also strive to increase the efficiency of our operations by increasing automation and by controlling raw material waste.

Recycling and Reuse

Our waste-stream management focuses on maximizing recycling and minimizing the need to landfill or use other off-site disposal means. We recycle steel, urethane foam, paper, cardboard, chemicals, and lubricants, and use a significant amount of recycled materials in our manufacturing processes, including close to one million tons of recycled scrap steel each year. We also incorporate several hundred million pounds of recycled urethane foam in our annual production of bonded carpet cushion. A large percentage of acid used in our wire-drawing operations is processed in acid-recovery systems, allowing for acid reuse.

Resource Management and Conservation

At Leggett & Platt, we incorporate renewable energy sources, such as nuclear and hydro-electric power, to save energy and reduce our air emissions. We also seek to conserve water and reduce electricity use at our branches. In everything from our lighting to our trucking fleet, we're taking steps to find energy savings.

Eco Initiative

In 2009, with the purpose of maintaining and improving upon Leggett & Platt's already strong environmental legacy, the Eco Initiative program was rolled out to U.S. operations. It provides guidelines for a proactive environmental management system. The Eco Initiative, which was launched to Leggett's international operations in 2013, also provides our branches with guidance on reducing raw material use, conserving water and energy use, reducing waste and air emissions, while increasing efficiency in all our plants. Branches are encouraged to take a close look at their operations to find opportunities for environmental improvement.