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Leggett & Platt Governance

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is governed by a written charter and is responsible for:
(i) selecting and retaining the Company's outside auditors,
(ii) reviewing and evaluating material issues relating to the internal controls, quality and independence of the Company's outside auditors,
(iii) setting clear policies for the Company's hiring of employees and former employees of the outside auditors,
(iv) reviewing and discussing the Company's quarterly and annual financial statements, including major issues relating to the Company's accounting policies and procedures, with the outside auditors, management and the Board,
(v) reviewing any assessments by management and the outside auditors of the Company's internal controls,
(vi) establishing procedures for the confidential handling of accounting, internal control and auditing issues reported to the Company,
(vii) at least annually, conducting a performance review of the Audit Committee and preparing the disclosure report required for inclusion in the annual proxy statement, and (viii) reviewing the Company's compliance with various applicable laws and regulations.

Independent Directors