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Our History & Timeline

In 1883, J.P. Leggett and C.B. Platt began a partnership that would shape the way the world sleeps. What started small, two men creating bedsprings in a borrowed space at a plow factory, has grown over the last 138 years into a global diversified manufacturer. Explore our milestones and learn how it all began.

The 1800s


American inventor J.P. Leggett develops the idea for a spiral steel coil bedspring and partners with blacksmith and future brother-in-law C.B. Platt to form Leggett & Platt.


The L&P bedspring is patented. Consisting of single cone spring wire coils, formed and interlaced in a unique manner and mounted on a wood slat base, it is used as a resilient, durable base for then-popular cotton, feather, and horsehair mattresses.

The 1900s


Leggett & Platt is incorporated.


Leggett & Platt completes the construction of its new combined manufacturing and Corporate office facility.


The Company begins manufacturing springs for innerspring mattresses, paving the way for a diversified product lineup that would eventually include rollaway beds, folding metal cots, bed frames, and bed rails.


Leggett & Platt operates four plants in three states (Missouri, Kentucky, and Texas) and has 500 employees.


Harry M. Cornell Sr. becomes president.


Harry M. Cornell Jr., J.P. Leggett’s grandson, elected President and CEO, taking over for his father (J.P. Leggett’s son-in-law).


Initial public offering of Leggett & Platt stock.


The Company begins producing steel motion hardware for the Home Furniture market, allowing upholstered seating to rock, recline, and swivel.

The Company begins drawing steel wire primarily for internal use.


Leggett & Platt stock listed on the New York Stock Exchange.


The Company enters the Flooring Products market.


The Company enters the Automotive market by producing seating components.


The Company enters the Non-Woven Fabric market.


Felix E. Wright is elected CEO after Harry M. Cornell Jr.’s retirement.

The Company enters the Adjustable Bed market and is now the largest producer of adjustable beds in North America.

The 2000s


L&P begins producing steel rod in Sterling, IL, primarily for use in the Company’s wire-drawing facilities.


David S. Ha­ffner is elected CEO.


The Company unveils a new strategic direction. The Company focuses on divesting underperforming businesses, improving margins and returns, and returning cash to shareholders through increasing the dividend and share buybacks.


Leggett enters the Aerospace market, producing exotic metal tubing and fabricated assemblies for fluid conveyance.


Karl G. Glassman is elected CEO.


The Company successfully divests a majority of its underperforming businesses and turns its attention to profitably growing revenues.


The Company enters the Hydraulic Cylinders market.


L&P acquires Elite Comfort Solutions, a leader in proprietary specialized foam technology for the bedding and furniture industries, for $1.25 billion – the Company’s largest acquisition to date.


Today, Leggett & Platt products can be found nearly everywhere. Operations include 135 production facilities in 17 countries

The Company is the leading US-based producer of:

  • Bedding components
  • Automotive seat support and lumbar systems
  • Specialty bedding foams and private label finished mattresses
  • Components for home furniture and work furniture
  • Flooring underlayment
  • Adjustable beds
  • Bedding industry machinery