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Political Contributions

Leggett & Platt believes being a responsible corporate citizen includes our being an effective participant in the political, legislative, and regulatory processes. Given that public policy issues have the potential to significantly impact our business, people, and communities, the Company recognizes that it is in our best interests to use its resources, on occasion, to advance political and policy goals that are consistent with the sustainability of our business and our values.

Political contributions are made in accordance with the Company’s Political Contribution Policy, only as permitted under federal, state, and local laws and regulations, to help elect candidates who demonstrate integrity and character and support pro-manufacturing policies. Other factors considered include:

  • the candidate’s (or recipient’s) view on issues relevant to the Company, its shareholders, customers, and employees;
  • the candidate’s leadership positions;
  • the Congressional committees on which the candidate serves; and
  • the candidate’s representation of a jurisdiction where the Company has an employee presence or other interest.

All political spending reflects our interests as a Company and not those of any individual director, officer or employee. Our political contribution activities undertaken by the Company reflect our commitment to the highest levels of integrity, ethics, and transparency, and are done in accordance with Company procedures and guidelines.

The Company also maintains a federal political action committee – supported entirely by voluntary employee and shareholder contributions – that makes political contributions where permitted by law to support political candidates, political committees, ballot measure initiatives, and other political organizations that are committed to economic development, free enterprise, and good government.

All corporate and PAC contributions are reviewed by the General Counsel for compliance with applicable campaign finance and related laws, and are approved by the Company’s Political Participation Committee, comprised of the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel.

The Company also conducts trainings and compliance reviews to ensure all PAC and corporate political contributions are made in accordance with the law and Company policies.

The Board of Directors annually reviews the Company’s political spending (including financial support for trade associations and other nonprofit organizations engaging in political activity) to ensure alignment with Company policy and our overall values.

Employees are not authorized to make political contributions on behalf of L&P without obtaining prior approval from the Political Participation Committee and the General Counsel. Such prohibited contributions on behalf of the Company include, but are not limited to, monetary or in-kind contributions, and use of corporate resources, email, personnel or facilities for the benefit of a political candidate, committee, or organization.